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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated by Our Humble, TX Optometry Specialist 

You should visit our optometry specialist on a routine basis to maintain your vision and eye health. At Today's Vision Atascocita, serving Humble, TX and the nearby region, we offer a wide array of eye care services. Additionally, we treat several eye conditions to preserve your eye health and vision. 

Conditions Treated by Our Humble, TX Optometry Specialist


We treat glaucoma, which is a condition usually caused by increased eye pressure. Those who have glaucoma have a damaged optic nerve -- the portion of your eye that communicates with your brain. It ranks as one of the top causes of blindness in individuals over the age of 60. In the early stages, you may not even know you have it. We can prescribe eye drops in the early stages. Some patients benefit from oral medication. 


Cataracts are an eye issue that affects the lenses of your eyes. Usually, the lens is clear, but if you have a cataract, you either have a cloudy or discolored lens. In the early stages, we can manage it with corrective eyewear.

Diabetic Retinopathy

If you're diabetic, we may advise you to come into our office for more frequent eye care services than the average person to manage your eye problems more thoroughly. Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition that occurs when damage happens to the vessels in the retina. As a result, you may have spots or strings in your vision or fluctuating vision. 

Dry Eye 

Some patients develop chronic dry eye due to the aging process, LASIK eye surgery, or hormonal changes. Those who have dry eye either produce poor quality tears, inadequate tears or have an elevated tear evaporation rate. We can prescribe special contacts as well as eye drops or correction of the underlying cause. 


If you have issues with your vision, you could suffer from keratoconus, a condition where your eye is shaped more like a cone than a ball. We prescribe specialized contacts that are more durable to adequately reshape your eye. 

Specialized Treatment 

We use a thorough vision exam to determine where your vision deficits are and correct them properly. Additionally, we use special machines and magnifying devices to evaluate your eyes for any issues like glaucoma. For instance, we have a machine that pushes air into your eye to determine how much pressure is in your eye. We offer hard to fit contacts to those who have prescriptions that aren't common, primarily for people with keratoconus or astigmatism. If you desire laser correction, we can provide a referral and ensure you qualify. 

If you have any concerns with your eyes, contact Today's Vision Atascocita, serving Humble, TX and the general vicinity, by calling (281) 883-4774!


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