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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses From Our Optometrist

A good number of people are diagnosed as needing vision assistance. While facial glasses are the traditional aid provided, contact lenses are a very viable alternative. Corrective lenses matched to a patient’s eye prescription can be both cosmetically appealing (i.e. not having to wear glasses) and function as well. However, contact lenses don’t work for everyone. Different complications can make it difficult to wear lenses or special preparations needed to be made first. Common situations include allergies, dry eye, and recurring eye infections. So, before any contact lenses are prescribed, a patient needs to be properly evaluated by a professional eye doctor first.


The Evaluation Process

A patient interested in contact lenses will be given a full contact lens exam to confirm the need, the latest prescription, and any eye conditions that could create complications. The evaluation produces various diagnoses which in turn produce different prescriptions for lenses. Nearsightedness or farsightedness, or even astigmatism could be involved. The patient will be required to look through various lenses at different strengths to identify letters on a chart at a distance. The results identify the different conditions or signs that a doctor can examine closer. With a diagnosis complete, the evaluation process then gives way to a determination of whether contact lenses make sense for the specific patient. If approved, the prescription provided by the doctor is then taken to a lab for production.

Corrective Contact Lenses

Again, certain conditions are not going to work well with contact lenses, and an eye doctor will point this out, referring to a set of glasses instead. If this is not an issue, then the type of contact lens comes into play. Contact lenses are made in hard or soft format. Both are gas-permeable, which is essential to allow the eye to breathe underneath the lens. The type of contact lenses will dictate how often it needs to be cleaned or changed. Some contact lenses are disposable and others are reusable. The frequency can range from daily to monthly. Which one applies or works best with a patient depends on the evaluation and doctor’s recommendation.

How Cosmetic Lenses Work

Cosmetic contact lenses are becoming more and more popular, mainly for changing one’s eye color and appearance. These are available, but it’s always good to have an evaluation discussion with your eye doctor first before trying these out. Again, a good evaluation matches you to the right type lenses that won’t damage your eyes or trigger infections.

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