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Emergency Eye Care

Common Eye Injuries and Emergency Eye Care

One in four visits to the emergency room is for an eye-related injury. As everyone intuitively knows, the eyes are especially sensitive, fragile, and important. The eyes are the centerpiece of the face, and any aesthetic problems can be traumatic. Minor problems can be very painful and disruptive, and seemingly innocuous things can do serious damage to the eye.


One of the most common things that can damage an eye much more than people tend to realize is glitter. Because of its light weight and relatively sharp edges. Glitter can get caught in the eye, get stuck under the lid or behind the eye and cause permanent damage, or even penetrate the surface of the eye. 

Here at Today's Vision Atascocita in Humble, TX, we deal with eye care emergencies ranging from minor to severe on a regular basis. Our goal is to stabilize the eye, stop further damage from occurring, and repair the damage as fully and as quickly as possible.

Emergency Eye Care Optometry

Even minor eye injuries can be extremely disruptive, making it impossible to carry on with normal tasks. Anyone who experiences a disruption in vision, eye pain, or both should seek emergency eye care immediately. 

Common Eye Injuries your TX Optometrist will Treat Frequently include:

  • Corneal abrasion: This common injury is caused by a scratched cornea. It can cause pain, blurred vision, and vision loss.
  • Detached retina: Retinal detachment occurs when the retina peels away from the eye. Without emergency care, it can cause lasting vision loss.
  • Orbital bone fracture: The eye socket, or orbit, protects the eye. With enough force, the bones that compose the socket can be fractured, causing pain, vision loss, and double vision.
  • Foreign objects: When objects become embedded in the eye, nerve damage and vision loss can result.
  • Eyelid lacerations: Depending on the severity of the laceration, surgery may be needed to repair it while avoiding further injury.
  • Chemical contact: Flushing the eye with cool water can help relieve the pain, but emergency medical eye care is still essential and should be sought without hesitation.
  • Traumatic iritis: This condition results from an inflammation of the iris. This is usually caused by blunt trauma.

Should I Seek Emergency Optometry Care?

If you have injured your eye, are experiencing pain and/or loss of vision, you should seek medical help from an emergency optometrist immediately. Do not count on the problem resolving itself. It may cost you your vision.

Get in touch with the eye care professionals at Today's Vision Atascocita in Humble, TX, without delay by calling 281-883-4774. Our caring staff and optometrist will do whatever it takes to protect your vision.


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