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Eye Care for Humble

Today's Vision Atascoctia Providing Eye Care Services in Humble

Today's Vision Atascoctia, located in Humble, is ready to meet all of your eye care needs. Our comfortable, relaxing office and friendly team will make you feel right at home. We offer a variety of services, and strive to make your experience pleasant and informative. Our optometrist, Dr. Kellee Bertsch-Smith, will perform a complete eye exam as well taking your medical history. This will lay the foundation for a thorough picture of your eye health. Today's Vision Atascoctia provides the finest in TX optometry.

Today's Vision Atascoctia Providing Eye Care Services in Humble

What We Do

    • Eye Exams - Yearly eye exams are vital to screen for vision problems, disease, and any other concerns that might arise. Your vision is irreplaceable and regular check-ups protect it. Dr. Bertsch-Smith will do a sequence of screenings to establish your vision acuity, focus capability, and movement aptness. She will also test for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. If further testing is necessary, Dr. Bertsch-Smith may refer you to a specialist.
    • Contact Lenses - There are more benefits to wearing contact lenses than you may realize. Contacts can give you freedom from wearing glasses. Contacts are often recommended for those with astigmatism or to correct age-related vision issues. As the science of optometry has improved, it has created a plethora of choices when it comes to contacts: rigid gas-permeable, daily wear, extended wear, extended wear disposables, and planned replacement. Our optometrist will discuss with you the right choice for your vision correction lifestyle and budget.
    • Glasses - We carry a wide selection of name brand frames. Our frame specialist will assist you in choosing the most suitable frames for your face shape as well as what will work best for your way of life. Whether you want fashionable Kate Spade frames or vintage Ray-Bans or hipster Kilters, we have it all! Come in and spend some time trying them all on!

If you are looking for Humble, TX, optometry, Today's Vision Atascocita is the premier vision care center. From routine eye exams to LASIK surgery, we cover the details. You can trust us with all your vision needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (281) 883-4774.


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